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The Ultimate Guide to NGO Website Development - Everything you need to know for successful NGO website development

Creating an effective website is crucial for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Non-profits aiming to maximize their impact. Your website is the heart of your online presence, where you can share your mission, connect with supporters, and encourage donations. Whether you're just getting started or looking to improve your current site, this guide will help you create a website that truly boosts your impact.

Why a Professional Website Matters for NGOs?

A professional website is more than just an online brochure. It:

  • Builds Credibility and Trust: A professional, user-friendly website builds trust and credibility, essential for securing funding and support.
  • Visibility and Reach: An optimized website increases your NGO’s visibility on search engines, helping you reach potential donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries.
  • Fundraising and Donations: Simplifying the donation process through your website can significantly boost your fundraising efforts.
  • Engagement and Advocacy: Your website is a hub for advocacy, providing resources, news, and updates to engage and inform your audience.

How to create website for NGO?

Creating a website for an NGO involves several key steps to ensure effectiveness and impact. Begin by outlining the organization's goals, target audience, and desired functionalities. Choose a reliable web development service such as AdoStrings webdevelopment services or user-friendly website builder such as Wix. Design the website with a clean, intuitive layout and incorporate compelling content, including the NGO's mission, success stories, and calls-to-action for donations or volunteering. Integrate secure donation and contact forms, and optimize the site for search engines to increase visibility.

Sometime you may not want to go into technical details and want a quick trustworthy and modern website for your NGO, in that case you can contact us. We at Adostrings provide special discounts to NGO, Non-profits, and conservationists.

What functionalities should my NGO website have?

website development agency for non profits

Your NGO website should include essential functionalities to effectively communicate your mission and engage with supporters. This includes clear information about your organization's goals, projects, and impact.

some of the functionalities and features to include are as follows

  • Landing Pages

    Landing pages plays an important role in effectively communicating your goal and builds trust with the visitor. A good landing page should attract the right kind of visitors, lead them to your mission statatement / Goal, collect contact details for future and ongoing relation.
    Make sure the landing page is modern and effective to build trust with your visitors.

  • Donation Page

    To support NGO's cause a donation page for website is necessary, a good donation page would state the cause, have payment method integrated into the website. Your donation page should provide an option to allow visitors to provide you a one-time donation as well as recurring donations.
    It's very important to gain visitors trust regarding payment, if you are unsure on how to integrate this service, make sure to contact us, so your donors money isn't at risk.

    website development agency for NGO
  • Events Page

    As a member of NGO, you may occassionally have to host events to raise funds, build partnerships and spread awareness. An event page should contain information about the event and a event registration form.

  • Blogs & news page

    A good NGO website contains blogs and news page to keep your donors updated and raise awareness about your work. A good blog should contain a rich text editor to create and make edits to your blog, if you are looking for a blog integration along with rich text editor, we provide subscription free licenses at discounted prices for NGO and non-profits

How much does it cost to build an NGO Website?

Depending on how you want to build your website, it can cost couple hundred dollors per month to couple thousands per month.

  • Website builders and subscription based integration

    If you are using a website builder service and you are building it yourself it would cost you anywhere between 100$ - 4000$ per month depending on the subsription costs of the plugins.

    If you are also using an external agency to make you a website using your chosen website builder, you can expect a one time cost of anywhere between 1000$ - 15000$ along with the monthly subscription.

    If you opt for website builders, you might not have ownership of your website or its assets. Consequently, if you aim to minimize costs and decide to switch to a different service, you may need to reconstruct the entire website from scratch.

  • AdoStrings NGO website development service

    You can expect our development cost anywhere between 800$ - 10000$ depending on your needs. We also provide discounted development costs for registered NGO's, Non-profits and conservationists.

    With us you will own your assets and code, you can always switch to different hosting services for cost reduction without having to rebuild from scratch.

    Most of our clients only have to spend less than 500$ a year, this is because we have in-house subscription free integrations and do a lot of cost-optimizations.

What features does AdoStrings offer for NGO Websites?

We include all the features that you need to run your NGO without having to bother about technical details

some of the features we offers are as follows

  • Landing Pages

    Your cause is effective only if you can build trust with the visitors. We build stunning landing pages to keep the visitors engaged and provide enough information to the visitors to increase awareness

  • Donation Page

    Every NGO and Non-profits requires donations to function so we provide a donation page with integrated secure Payment using PayPal / Stripe

  • Blog Integration

    We provide blog integration along with rich text editors to create and edit blogs. We provide subscription free lifetime licenses so you won't be spending a lot of money on website and can instead focus on funding your cause.

  • Cost optimization

    Since we have in-house integration we can help you cut your monthly costs in running your websites.

  • Security & SEO

    We help you prevent attacks on your websites such as DDOS attacks, Bot attacks and more. We connect your website to visitors via https secure protocol. We also deliver SEO optimized websites, so it comes up in the search results.

  • Custom integrations

    Every NGO has unique requirements, we understand that, hence we also provide custom integrations.

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Paul is highly recommended! Our previous website developer had put in so many plugins that we had to spend over 2500$ yearly, just to keep the site running. Paul redesigned the website and brought down the cost to less than 300$ a year. Thanks Paul.

- Kayle, United states

He designed me a good website that works on mobile and desktop and delivered it on time. I am happy with his service.

- Mariusch, Switzerland

I would definitely come back and recommend your services to our community. Paul sent me mail stating problems with my existing website and offered to redo the website, while I ignore most emails like this, this one clearly showed effort so, I gave him a shot. I have indeed seen a lot of improvement in my service booking in the past few weeks after he created the new website for me.

- Ethan, Australia

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